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Mercury Low Bleed White PLHE1050 is designed for maximum smoothness and opacity on cotton (pre-test for potential to ghost) and poly/cotton fabrics. Mercury LB White has excellent to superior matting characteristics and a creamy consistency with low tack on cotton/poly blends and tri-blends. PLHE1050 is fast flashing allowing for shorter dwell times and faster production rates. Its opacity coverage and bleed resistance are all good to great. Mercury’s boutique finish is capable of extremely high detail making it the best choice for printing spongey or super soft blends that fibrillate easily.


  • Matte finish with satin hand.
  • Fantastic on tri-blends and boutique weight fabrics.
  • Multipurpose low bleed white ink with great bleed resistance.
  • Provides maximum smoothness and opacity.
  • High detail with low to almost no puff.
  • Matches other whites from “Stellar Series Whites”

Printing Tips:

  • Pre-shear ink on a turn-about style machine or by hand before use.
  • Mercury White cures best with Infra-red or Gas heat.
  • Pre-heat pallets ~ 140°F It is best to pre-heat your pallets well when using quartz flashes.
  • Mercury ink cures when the entire ink film thickness has reached 320°F for 6 seconds.
  • When curing with a quartz style dryer it is often helpful to enable the “flash” feature to maintain constant heat garment-to-garment.
  • It is common for low bleed inks to expand and push the lid off of the product bucket, simply stir the ink back down.
  • Flash at 140°F
  • Cure for 60 seconds at 320°F(148°C)

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