Avient Infinite FX Stretch Base – K2587




Avient™ Specialty Inks 2587 INFINITE FX STRETCH BASE is a non-phthalate base designed for extremely stretchy fabrics such as Lycra/Spandex or any non-dyed polyester fabric where an improvement in elasticity is required.


  • Superior adhesion to fabrics, stretch properties, and wash durability
  • Ideal for heat sensitive or stretch fabrics

Printing Tips:

  • Avoid using water-resistant emulsions as they can react with the components used to manufacture Infinite FX Stretch Base and cause the ink to lockup and clog the mesh openings. Any other solvent resistant direct emulsions or capillary films will be acceptable
  • Up to 35% Infinite FX Stretch Base may be added to plastisols to achieve desired elongation in print
  • Use as a stand-alone product for a first-down base layer to improve overall stretch of subsequent ink layers
  • Do not mix into inks formulated for polyester or print this product onto any dyed fabric containing polyester as it will promote dye migration
  • Curing is a time and temperature process, a lower oven temperature setting with a slower belt speed while maintaining recommended ink cure temperature is always best to protect fabric, control dye migration and reduce energy consumption
  • Flash: 160°F (70°C)
  • Cure: 270°F – 320°F (132°C -160°C)

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 8 in