Manual Aluminum Frame – 20″ x 24″ OD White Mesh

White mesh available in 25, 40, 85,110, 125, 140 and 160 mesh counts.

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Our Manual size aluminum frames come pre-stretched and tensioned with your choice of mesh count. We use only quality mesh and glue’s on our screen printing frames. Constructed from high quality boxed aluminum our frames resist warping or bending keeping your desighn in registration. When the time comes just cut out your mesh, clean your frame and send it back to us for restretch.

Do you have good frames that just need to be restretched with new mesh? Contact us directly via e-mail or phone for restretch prices. We accept local drop-offs, and delivery drop-offs. Wood and Aluminum frames of ANY size are accepted. ANY mesh count request is accepted.

Looking for a new aluminum frame, but the size you want isn’t listed? Contact us directly and ask about the size you want so we can provide you with a price and expected time of delivery.

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