DSPP-9ZFS Discharge Agent


Additive discharge agent for Soft-Hand Discharge.

For use with DSPP-1003/9050/9070 (sold separately)


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Mixing Instructions for DSPP-9ZFS Agent: The discharge system consists of two parts: the ink and the discharge agent.  The DSPP-9ZFS Discharge Agent is furnished as a powder in a separate container.  Add 6-8% DSPP-9ZFS Discharge Agent by weight to Soft-Hand Clear, Soft-Hand White or the custom color created with the DSPP-9070 Discharge Base and Pavonine Pigments.  Mix until totally dissolved.  Minimize the unused protion by only mixing enough of the ink system as will be used in a 6-8 hour period.

Sold by Quart (2lb) only.

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Weight 2 lbs