Thermolabels Paper Thermometers SET #3 190-230deg F 16Pk


Thermolabels Paper Thermometers.
Set #3 190-230deg F strips change
color to black when they reech desired temp
16 strips per package



Thermolabels are formulated to react within a few seconds when the rated temperature is reached. As each section of a label reaches its rated temperature, that section responds with a sharply defined color change from white to black leaving the printed temperature clearly visible. And, because this is indelibly printed in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, it provides an irrefutable record of maximum temperature attained in any area of observation, even when this is otherwise inaccessible as in ovens, washing and curing. Thermolabel products are, therefore, widely used for proof of heat attained in screen printing and textile proofing.

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